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Erasmus+ vocational education and training placements (VET)

Vocational education learners, apprenticeships, and recent graduates
Erasmus+ supports work placements or study periods abroad for students currently enrolled in vocational education and training (VET) and for recent graduates.
If you are a VET learner, you can spend a learning period abroad at a partner VET provider, in a company, or in another organisation active in the field of VET or in the labour market. The learning period includes a strong work-based component and an individual learning programme is defined for each participant.
In addition, the programme can support your participation in skills competitions.
The period abroad may last between 2 weeks and 12 months.
For you to participate in VET learner mobility abroad with Erasmus+, your organisation must apply to acquire an Erasmus accreditation in the field of VET or to participate in a short-term mobility project. In both cases, organisations should adhere to a set of quality standards for mobility projects on good management practices, providing quality and support to participants, and sharing results and knowledge about the programme.
Before you start your study or traineeship period, you, your institution or organisation and the receiving organisation will make a Learning Agreement. This document sets out your learning goals, rights and responsibilities and how the learning period will be formally recognised.
Your organisation or institution must be established in Erasmus+ Programme countries,  but the hosting organisation can be established in any country of the world.
To receive Erasmus+ support as recent graduate, your study or traineeship period must occur within 1 year of graduation.
Financial Support
EU grants are designed to cover your costs for travel and subsistence during your time abroad.
Though EU-funded, grants are managed by the sending organisation in question and they are responsible for making payments to individuals.
You will have access to Online Linguistic Support will help you learn the language used at your workplace or in your studies.
In addition, the programme provides means to support the participation of learners with fewer opportunities.
How to apply
To participate in VET mobility, you cannot apply directly for a grant as an individual. Applications must be made by the sending organisation, who in turn selects candidates for the periods abroad.
The selection of VET learners for mobility activities should be fair, inclusive, transparent and well documented.
Find out more
If you need further information on the possibilities to take part in mobility as an adult learner, please get in touch with your National Agency.
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